About Us

Here at Athena, we offer our clients clear and transparent pricing with fast transactions and blockchain-based, real-time deposit and withdrawals.

At Athena, we believe in putting our clients first.

Each action and decision we make is based on building trust and seeing things through the eyes of our clients. We get to know your needs and measure ourselves not only by what we do, but by how we do it.
Athena is a decentralized exchange and broker-dealer offering low-cost online trading services. Using blockchain technology, you can make real-time deposits and withdrawals in a secure, transparent environment.
Athena started with a single goal – making online trading easy and simple for investors. Athena was founded by traders, so everything we do has the traders’ interests at its core. We believe that with a trader-oriented approach and a strong focus on mechanical innovation, we can dramatically change the market for the benefit of traders.

Our Trading Partners

We work with reputable exchanges and trading companies, including TD Ameritrade, InteractiveBrokers, Gain Capital, Coinbase, Gemini and blockchain.com.

We offer investment products and tools with world-class security and cost-efficient trading services.

Core Values


We believe that our ability to be responsive and keeping the process simple is the ultimate form of sophistication.
From account opening to profit withdrawal, Athena makes every procedure, along with the requirements, straightforward with reliable security measures. You can open account, make deposit, start trading and withdraw your fund just in minutes using blockchain-based eBanking, without any paperwork.


Our clients are our priority. We want our clients to be our partners and to grow as one together.
Feel free to call us and talk to us for hours–we will listen to your concerns along with your suggestions. In return, we will offer our solutions and cooperation. When we see a new opportunity, we share ideas and build an alliance. After all, we are you.


Athena is a decentralized financial service company, never relying on central authorities in order to gain trust from the public.
Instead, Athena offers a real-time payment processing and a transparent public communication window, removing overhead costs generated by central authorities.


Athena is a decentralized financial service company that does not rely on trust from financial associations and supervisory authorities.

Centralized financial service companies pay fees to associations and authorities to gain trust from the public, and these fees are passed on to the investors for their protection against financial service companies taking advantage of less sophisticated investors.

Some financial service companies charge investors high fees, provide poor services, and are inadequately capitalized. For this reason, investors seek protection from financial supervisory authorities. In return, these authorities and associations collect fees from financial service companies for their mediation services. Then, these overhead costs are passed down to investors.

Instead of relying on trust given by a central entity, what is needed is real-time payment processing and transparent public communication among investors and service providers. This enables investors and service providers the ability to transact directly with each other and save overhead costs.

What makes Athena different is that Athena does not charge any fee for deposits or withdrawals. Also, investors have easy access to their funds through blockchain-based, real-time payment processing. This secures investors by ensuring funds are always within their reach.

Sustaining the security of your money is the top priority of Athena.

Protection of customer funds

We keep our funds in three of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges – Coinbase, Gemini, and blockchain.com – to diversify our risk.

eBanking at Athena connects your trading accounts with cryptocurrency exchanges directly. For deposits, you will transfer your bitcoin to your trading account in real-time from exchanges. When you withdraw from your trading account, you can go to eBanking and process the withdrawal, which will be then sent to your wallet in real-time.

Athena charges no fee for deposits and withdrawals, protecting your funds in the best way by keeping it in your wallet.

Minimizing Liquidity Risk

In order to minimize liquidity risk – where the party who handles your order may not honor settlement due to market or capital risk – Athena works with US-based liquidity providers as a counterparty for online trading.

These entities, including TD Ameritrade and InteractiveBrokers, are some of the most reputable clearinghouses with a long track record and are known to be the most capitalized clearinghouses in the world.

No markup or commissions

Athena does not charge any additional commissions or markup fees on top of the clearinghouses.

Instead, Athena receives rebates on the volumes brought to such clearinghouses. This way, traders at Athena are trading with the largest clearinghouses without having to deal with tedious paperwork and tax matters.


Zero or Negative Balance Protection

Athena monitors customers’ transactions using an automated system to protect against any losses beyond the original value of the investment.

Funds stored separately

Customer funds are kept completely separated from the company and are stored by reliable exchanges in special accounts (called segregated accounts).

Modern encryption technology

All data transmissions at Athena are encrypted to provide the customer with secure connections and prevent any data from being stolen or accessed by third parties.

Withdrawals and Deposits

Fast, easy, and secure deposits and withdrawals are a vital element of effective trading and secure funding at Athena – where customers can deposit and withdraw in real-time without any fee.
Athena is not and does not have any plan to register with financial supervisory authorities in any jurisdictions.