Athena is a decentralized exchange and discount broker offering online trading services in forex, gold, oil, bitcoin and stock index.

Using blockchain technology, clients can now open accounts, make deposits, start trading, and withdraw funds in minutes.

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The Athena Difference

We believe in putting our clients first

We work hard to put our clients at the center of what we do at all times.

Low transaction fee guaranteed

Athena guarantees the lowest spreads and commissions. No overnight swaps for Forex, Energy and Precious Metal trading.

Fast and accurate trade settlements

Athena guarantees all orders to be settled within one second. What you click is what you get – No slippage and no requote.

Real-time deposit and withdraw

Blockchain base payment processing for deposits and withdrawals. All payments are processed within one hour without any fees.

Our commitment to your security

Our site features encryption and risk-based security technology. Make your Athena sign-in more secure with two-step verification.

Experienced Relationship Manager

Athena relationship managers are just a phone call away to help you with any issues, including your specific financial questions.

Trader friendly leverage system

With adjustable leverage, traders can change leverage on their trading account, even with existing opened positions.

Ready to Start?

How to open an account

Opening an account is free and takes about 2 minutes.

These are the steps you’ll follow:

Create a login ID with email.

Confirm your email address and create a password.

Fund your account and start trading within minutes.

Deposit options and fees

Deposit Bitcoin to your trading account within minutes at no fee.

These are the steps you’ll follow:

Login to your eBanking

Go to Deposit and select your trading account

Send bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet at Athena

How to protect your funds

Athena offers real-time fund withdrawals and charges no fees, making it the best way for you to protect your fund.

These are the steps you’ll follow:

  • Login to your eBanking.
  • Go to the Withdraw and select your trading account.
  • Enter your Bitcoin wallet address to withdraw funds.

What Now?


Simply Scroll Down

to see tools that you will enjoy at Athena.

Social Trading

Copy trades of thousands of experienced traders to your account.

Trading Robots

Build your own fund management teams from over 10,000 trading robots.

Advanced Trading Tools

Athena offers professional trading tools giving more flexibility for traders and investors to formulate successful trading strategies.

One Click Trading

Available with Window system

Place a trade with one click to catch a move in a split second.

Hedge Trade

Save your positions

from being closed out due to margin calls by hedging your trade to be risk neutral on short-term volatility.

Trailing Stop

Available with Window system

Lock your profit as your Trailing Stop adjusts your Stop Loss automatically as the market moves in your favor.

Trading on Chart

Available with Window system

Perform all trading operations right from the chart without opening an order window.

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Hong Kong

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